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The artwork from the immensely succesful The Last Of Us just keeps on coming, demonstrating just how much hard work and talent it takes to create a ‘triple A’ game. We’ve already seen how the infected characters have been developed in The Last Of Us Development Series, but now we can take a closer look at the ZBrush sculpting work of Mike Svymbersky.

Mike Svymbersky worked with Naughty Dog to model the fungicidal zombies as well as helping to create the games’ gore systems. Nice.

Read on to see the ZBrush character art of The Last Of Us Infected.


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To follow on from the God Of War: Ascension post, Trion Worlds artist Satoshi Arakawa has posted up character art models from the genre crossing MMO game and TV show Defiance on the same forum, ZBrushCentral. It features a variety of rendered character, creature and robot models, comparing high/low poly and textured/untextured states. It’s great to see the effort and skill that goes into creating the inhabitants of a game like Defiance.

The featured artists are Satoshi Arakawa, John Gotch, Nathan Brock and Allan Lee. Read on to see some of the character art from the thread.


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Patrick Murphy from Sony’s Santa Monica Studio has showcased some incredible character models from God of War: Ascension. The software used to sculpt these exceptionally detailed models is Pixologic’s digital sculpting and painting program ZBrush. These and many more awesome character and environment renders have a thread over on ZBrush Central, featuring work by Murphy along with James VanDenBogart, Katon Callaway, Bryan Wynia, Dustin Blattner, Nick Reynolds, Jose Zavala and Jay Machado.

Read on to see a selection of the images below.


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