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Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate is a 2.5D Metroid-style exploration game for handheld devices created by Armature Studio and WB Games. It features comic strip style motion graphics which were animated from the cinematic illustrations created by Calum Alexander Watt

These were all generated in Sketchbook Pro, then each element grouped up to be later animated and given some much needed VOOOM by the good folk at Armature studio.

Read on to see a selection of the illustrations and the Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate trailer which features much of the motions graphics work.

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Rayman Legends had a fun and fresh trailer for E3 featuring plenty of visual FX. Toufik Mekbel, a France based Visual effects designer, worked on that trailer and provided some breakdowns of his FX work.

3D Studio Max was used to create the effects, utilising several plugins. The frog slobber was created with Frost and Cloth, Pflow was used for the critter horder, sparks & stardust, and also used with Fumefx to create the smoke trails.

Read on to see the stills and watch Breakdown Slobber Rayman E3 Trailer, Rayman E3 trailer, Fx breakdown and the final trailer Rayman Legends Trailer E3.

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The Crew is a community-based action-driving game set in a massive open-world, developed by Ivory Tower for next-gen consoles and high-end PC, in partnership with Ubisoft Entertainment.

Unit Image, creators of the cinematic trailer, have not given any details of the tools or pipeline used for the VFX piece, but they have released a ‘making of’ video. It shows several scenes from the trailer in different rendered states such as wireframe model, untextured with global illumination, textures and lighting, and particles and effects.

Read on to see The Crew trailer, the ‘making of’ video and high res screenshots.


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Another day, another slew of E3 2013 game trailers. Here we can see both of the Call Of Duty: Ghosts gameplay videos, ‘Into The Deep’ and ‘No Man’s Land’, that featured in the ‘All Access Gameplay Preview’, except without the 20 minutes of tedious plastic presenters waffle. The Remember Me Neo Paris 2084 Trailer is a lovely motion graphics piece showing the differences between modern day Paris and the imagined futuristic version of the game setting. The Watch Dogs – “Exposed” and Thief 4 trailers are beautifully rendered cinematics. Finally the Wolfenstein: The New Order trailer is … erm, well a bit odd, but worth a watch. Read on to see all six videos.


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Here is the second batch of E3 2013 game trailer goodies. In this selection we have long-awaited sequels and some brand new titles. It’s shaping up to be a great year ahead for gamers with some beautiful looking games for both current and next-gen consoles. Read on to see six more game trailers.


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E3 2013 is in full swing and the internet is awash with next-gen console specs, corporate hyperbole and fanboy rivalry. More importantly, there is also a veritable shedload of amazing looking game trailers. This is the first in a series of round ups to whet your appetite featuring a mix of next-gen teasers, cinematic and gameplay trailers.


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Moving Picture Company CG Supervisor, John Cherniack, has released a trailer for Dust 514: Enter The Vicious Cycle. The CCP Games massively multiplayer first-person shooter is directly connected to the acclaimed science-fiction game EVE Online. The trailer is an intriguing motions graphics piece, animated in Maya using Maya particles and nparticles to create the sand effects. Game characters are simulated in battle through the animated particles, leading to a final reveal of a deadly mercenary.

Read on to see stills and the video.


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RealtimeUK have released a new reel to showcase their recent game work. The Military Games Reel features cinematics and cut scenes from World Of Tanks, World Of Warplanes and World Of Warships. As ever their vfx work is sublime with the explosions, created using Afterworks’ FumeFX, being the star of the show.

Read on to see the Military Games Reel and other game trailers.
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VFX artist Jose Jacas was hired by Blizzard Entertainment Europe to make a trailer for the Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Expansion event in Versailles, France. The result is a fun integration of real world and game world action.

The concept was to create a Zerg invasion of the city, integrating 3D models from the Starcraft in-game cinematics into real environments filmed on location. Character animations were re-used from the game cinematics, with a few additions and tweaks by myself where needed. PFTrack was used, to a very high standard, for the 3D Tracking. Maya was utilised to create the animation and lighting, with some Cinema 4D help. Finally, it was all composited in Nuke with some After Effects/Particular bits.

Impressive work. Watch the final video below.


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Capcom have published a release-date trailer for Remember Me. If you can ignore the rather nauseating exposition, the visuals for this game look a real treat. The environments look amazing, like a Ridley Scott/Syd Mead inspired theme park that is just begging to be explored.

The user interface and motion graphics work look great as well. The usually overused chromatic aberration and TV scan line effects somehow seem fresh and work particularly well with the abstract 3D distortions seen in the ‘Mem­ory Remix’ scenes.

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