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Remember the gorgeous Luminous Engine tech demo Square Enix showed off three years ago? The firm showed it again at Microsoft’s Build Conference, this time utilizing DirectX 12. The Witch Chapter 0 [cry] real-time tech demo was created from research “will be incorporated into” the Luminous Studio engine for use in future game development.

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Following the recent and very successful reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise, you can now buy limited edition Tomb Raider art prints from the official store. Take a look below at some of the available artwork created by talented artists and fans of the game. Furthermore, you can also watch two videos of artist Stanley Artgerm Lau colouring his ‘Survivor’ painting from a livestream broadcast.


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Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have released an 11 minute gameplay walkthrough from next months’ new Tomb Raider reboot.

Monastery Escape Gameplay Walkthrough
Lara makes her way from a Monastery to the edge of a Scavenger shanty town, using the environment to succeed in brutal combat.

Whilst displaying new game features, such as gunplay and the ‘fluid’ cover system, it also shows off some the environments. A mountainside crash site, river rapids and the shanty town are richly detailed and atmospheric, but are they in the same league as Uncharted or Far Cry? Laura’s face also looks a little light in detail, almost like a rubber mask in the cinematic cut scenes. Certainly not as appealing as the concept art suggested.

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