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Three game designers from EA’s Australian studio Firemint have formed a new indie outfit, Loveshack Entertainment. Their first project, Framed, is an interactive comic strip for tablet and mobile devices. The motion graphic concept video below really shows the potential of narrative manipulation as a game mechanic. It also shows how cool it could look. Imagine playing out your favourite comic strip or graphic novel in this format.

Framed is a novel, dramatic, panel-shifting game experience where every panel tugs on the outcome of the story. Presented as a storyboard each panel depicts an important action/event. Players must rearrange the order of the panels to change the delivery and outcome of the narrative. With each action framed by the last, context is everything.

By touching, dragging and otherwise manipulating story panels, the player changes the sequence of events, altering the narrative outcome and helping the man escape. The game’s simple, core mechanic of re-arranging story panels to navigate each scene is based on a deep understanding of how narratives play out. Namely, each meaningful event in a story is defined not only by the action taken, but more importantly, the context in which that action occurs.

Framed launches in 2013 across multiple platforms including PC/Mac, tablets and phones.


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Recently we saw the new game­play trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and now we have some screenshots to check. It really does show the amazing detail in the foreground elements … as well as all those lens flares. Nice shot of the 3D in-game GUI as well.

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Here is the trailer for the third episode in Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead series. Based on the beautifully illustrated comic book created by Robert Kirkman, rather than the TV series spin-off, the game has a stylised look reminiscent of Afro Samurai. Take a look at some of the screen shots.

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High Moon Studios have just released new concept art and screenshots for Deadpool. The game features Marvel’s Merc With A Mouth, and judging by the trailer looks like following very much in the Duke Nukem standard of pubescent humour. However, the character visuals look good and I love the comic panel style of the concept art.

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