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Remember Me VFX Breakdown is a compilation of visual effects created for Dontnod Entertainment by Orson Favrel. He is a VFX artist specialising in Unreal Editor and Unity 3D work along with 3ds Max, Pflow, FumeFx, Houdini and Zbrush. It’s fascinating to see how many of the in-game effects were created with these tools, using techniques such as mesh, shaders, particles and vertex deformation.

Read on to see the Remember Me VFX Breakdown as well as the Orson Favrel “Remember Me” VFX Reel.


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Another day, another slew of E3 2013 game trailers. Here we can see both of the Call Of Duty: Ghosts gameplay videos, ‘Into The Deep’ and ‘No Man’s Land’, that featured in the ‘All Access Gameplay Preview’, except without the 20 minutes of tedious plastic presenters waffle. The Remember Me Neo Paris 2084 Trailer is a lovely motion graphics piece showing the differences between modern day Paris and the imagined futuristic version of the game setting. The Watch Dogs – “Exposed” and Thief 4 trailers are beautifully rendered cinematics. Finally the Wolfenstein: The New Order trailer is … erm, well a bit odd, but worth a watch. Read on to see all six videos.


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Capcom have published a release-date trailer for Remember Me. If you can ignore the rather nauseating exposition, the visuals for this game look a real treat. The environments look amazing, like a Ridley Scott/Syd Mead inspired theme park that is just begging to be explored.

The user interface and motion graphics work look great as well. The usually overused chromatic aberration and TV scan line effects somehow seem fresh and work particularly well with the abstract 3D distortions seen in the ‘Mem­ory Remix’ scenes.

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