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Elemental79 has created a hi-res, remastered version of the 1994 16-bit classic Super Metroid. Check out the image below, as well as time-lapse video of his Photoshop skills in action.

This is a remastered screenshot from the video game Super Metroid. Released in 1994 Super Metroid featured an open world where bounty hunter Samas Aran must defeat Mother Brain to keep the galaxy safe from improper use of Metroids. There are also space pirates there looking to use Metroids to gain power. I think that is right.

Super Metroid’s game style has lived on in many great Castlevania games. These Metroidvania games are among my favorite, but Super Metroid still stands out as the one I’d most like to see in high definition. Another great aspect of the game was the music. Featured in this video is the music of Blake Robinson. He has lots of amazing video game remixes and I’d highly recommend a visit to his channel… http://www.youtube.com/user/dummeh

In order to give the screenshot a 16×9 aspect ratio this is not an actual screenshot from the game, but made up of several screenshots and sprite sets. Included in this scene is a metroid, which is not accurate to the game, but believable since there wouldn’t be a logical reason that one could not wander into Mother Brain’s room (And I really wanted to remake the metroid). I tried desperately to make this video under 10 minutes, but could not bring myself to edit out parts of the video that I feel communicate the process accurately. So this video shows the entire process from beginning to end with minimal cuts.

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