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Killzone Shadow Fall concept art created by Simon Robert, Christopher Brandstrom and Efgeni Bischoff for Guerrilla Games. This gallery features character, vehicle and environment concept art and final rendered 3D models.

Read on to see the Killzone Shadow Fall concept art.


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Sony Computer Entertainment have published a Making Of Beyond: Two Souls development video. The behind the scenes documentary shows how the extensive performance capture created every second of movement in the game, from basic character actions and facial movements to fight scenes and action sequences. The graphics section covers the art direction for the games locations, action sequences and the character design, which had to develop along the fifteen year story arc.

In this latest video posted by Sony, they go behind the scenes of Beyond: Two Souls, this time taking a look at the graphics aspect of the much anticipated upcoming game by Quantic Dream. They’ve also got the third of beyond two souls four part ‘Making Of’ series, which details the huge undertaking that was the year-long performance capture shoot.

Read on to watch the Making Of Beyond: Two Souls video and see concept art and screenshots of the game in development.
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The Banner Saga is a beautifully animated turn-based strategy game created by Stoic Studio. Eyvind Earle, the American master, was the inspiration behind the distinctive art style, with each character painstakingly hand-animated in the style of classic animated films. Recently Kotaku’s Fine Art column declared, “It’s truly some of the most impressive stuff we’ve ever featured on Fine Art, and that’s saying something.” It certainly is. High praise indeed and deservedly so.

Read on to see the launch trailer and behind the scenes videos, as well as an avalanche of artwork from the game.

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There’s some great new concept art, released by Roberts Space Industries, for epic Kickstarter space sim, Star Citizen. It reveals the remains of a human colony on a distant world, in joyfully large resolution.

This is the former colony on Orion III, aka “Armitage.” Armitage was the site of the farthest human colony from Earth… and one of the first targets of the Vanduul menace. Vanduul raids forced the UEE to withdraw from the system, leaving only a small contingent of insular survivalists on the shattered world.

Read on to see the gorgeous hi-res artwork.

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Yang Qi, a concept artist from China, has posted up some truly stunning artwork on Weibo, the Chinese social media network. The impressive illustrations created for Asura Online, a beautiful looking MMORPG developed by Tecent Games and Quantum Studios set in a Southeast Asian fantasy world.

Read on to see the environment and character art.

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Patrick Murphy from Sony’s Santa Monica Studio has showcased some incredible character models from God of War: Ascension. The software used to sculpt these exceptionally detailed models is Pixologic’s digital sculpting and painting program ZBrush. These and many more awesome character and environment renders have a thread over on ZBrush Central, featuring work by Murphy along with James VanDenBogart, Katon Callaway, Bryan Wynia, Dustin Blattner, Nick Reynolds, Jose Zavala and Jay Machado.

Read on to see a selection of the images below.


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Atomhawk Design have created artwork for games such as Devil May Cry, Dead Island, Driver: San Francisco and Mortal Kombat. They have now announced plans to create their own game and released some stunning artwork to herald their foray into game development, along with a sumptuous logo for the fantasy game The Realm. Furthermore they have launched through a Kickstarter campaign, allowing you to buy into the project.


You can see some of their concept art below, featuring character and environments, as well as watch the campaign video which contains animations, potential gameplay footage, some behind the scenes shots and interviews with the talented folks at Atomhawk.


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BioShock Infinite has created a game world environment that is as unique as it is breathtaking. Now we have a wealth of artwork to admire from the talents at Irrational Games. Firstly Ben Lo has released his environment concept art that helped to create the beautiful Columbia. Dark Horse have published the 184-page hardcover concept artbook entitled The Art Of BioShock Infinite, reviewed in-depth on Parka Blogs. Finally, there is a feature in the latest issue of 3D Artist on the design and development of the city in the sky, with some interesting insight into the sources that inspired the 1912 era artwork.

I think Columbia is so layered and dense, I’d need to spend time reverse-engineering a core example to state what its aesthetic is in a sentence. The quick answer is that Columbia is a massive stew of references. Some of the key research came from sources like Hello, Dolly!, Gangs of New York, Main Street (USA), Moulin Rouge, the 1900 Paris World Expo, the documentary America 1900, Boardwalk Empire, as well as a handful of websites like www.shorpy.com

Read on for the concept art and book review video.

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Naughty Dog have released the second in their Development Series for the upcoming PS3 game, The Last of Us. Titled Wasteland Beautiful, it is a look at the post-apocalyptic style environments from initial concept art through to moody lighting of each scene. The ‘overgrown cities’ theme has long been a fascination for artists and movie makers alike, imagining how nature would take back the urban jungle after mankind has gone. The dev team in the Santa Monica based studio clearly relished the chance to express their creative take on the genre.

Explore the game world, the environments, and the concept artistry at work in the second video of The Last of Us Development series.

The Last of Us is genre-defining experience blending survival and action elements to tell a character driven story about a population decimated by a modern plague. Cities are abandoned and being reclaimed by nature. Remaining survivors are killing each other for food, weapons and whatever they can find. Joel, a ruthless survivor, and Ellie, a young teenage girl who’s braver and wiser beyond her years, must work together to survive their journey across what remains of the United States.

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Bungie have announced that they are developing Destiny for PS4 and PS3 as well as releasing two videos featuring the first gameplay footage and some striking new concept art to add to the previously leaked material. The artwork proved so inspiring to Russian designer Ilya V. Boykov he created his own Destiny art in motion animated trailer.
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