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There is an interview on CG Record with Piotr Jaworowski the Executive Creative Director at Warsaw based agency, Ars Thanea, where he details how two giant illustrations were prepared for the world premier of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Commissioned by Ubisoft, for a promotional event featuring skyscrapers covered with gigantic the printouts, more than a dozen people worked on the project for about two months.

We started with the sketch Ubisoft had sent us, and expanded it using our creativity … then it was the standard process: we made a composition, 3D and corrections. But it was the size, and the amount elements that proved to be the hardest part to work on. Both scenes are very complicated composition-wise. There is an immense number of details in this illustration. We modelled them all in 3D: elements of the ship, ropes, human figures. Flags and masts are fabric simulations.

Read on to see the giant Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag visuals.


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E3 2013 is in full swing and the internet is awash with next-gen console specs, corporate hyperbole and fanboy rivalry. More importantly, there is also a veritable shedload of amazing looking game trailers. This is the first in a series of round ups to whet your appetite featuring a mix of next-gen teasers, cinematic and gameplay trailers.


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Into the Pixel, “An Exhibition of the Art of the Video Game” have announced the 16 winners of the 2013 competition. The games featured in the winning entries include The Last Of Us, Dragon Age III, Assassin’s Creed IV, Rayman Legends and Destiny, which managed to claim two places in final line-up.

Read on to see some of the winning artwork from the Into The Pixel competition.

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