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VFX artist Jose Jacas was hired by Blizzard Entertainment Europe to make a trailer for the Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Expansion event in Versailles, France. The result is a fun integration of real world and game world action.

The concept was to create a Zerg invasion of the city, integrating 3D models from the Starcraft in-game cinematics into real environments filmed on location. Character animations were re-used from the game cinematics, with a few additions and tweaks by myself where needed. PFTrack was used, to a very high standard, for the 3D Tracking. Maya was utilised to create the animation and lighting, with some Cinema 4D help. Finally, it was all composited in Nuke with some After Effects/Particular bits.

Impressive work. Watch the final video below.


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Capcom have published a release-date trailer for Remember Me. If you can ignore the rather nauseating exposition, the visuals for this game look a real treat. The environments look amazing, like a Ridley Scott/Syd Mead inspired theme park that is just begging to be explored.

The user interface and motion graphics work look great as well. The usually overused chromatic aberration and TV scan line effects somehow seem fresh and work particularly well with the abstract 3D distortions seen in the ‘Mem­ory Remix’ scenes.

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Imaginary Forces takes the videogame cinematic to a new level with Sony’s God of War live action trailer. Is it any further removed from the game than a rendered cinematic? Or is it a forerunner to a movie? Read the blurb, then watch the trailer.

What drives a warrior to relentless brutality? Deceived into murdering his beloved wife and child by Ares, the brutal warrior Kratos of Sony’s “God of War” video game series has endlessly sought to avenge the unthinkable deed he was tricked into committing. Director Karin Fong peers past the gruesome ferocity to uncover the genuine humanity and emotion brought on by this pivotal moment in the affecting 2:00 live action trailer “From Ashes” for the launch of Sony’s “God of War: Ascension” title, produced direct-to-client.

See below for a visual FX breakdown of the scene in Allan McKay’s 2013 Reel as well as Imaginary Forces’ Blood and Ink teaser for God Of War Ascension.

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Kook Ewo has designed the end titles sequence for Silent hill 2, the movie based on the survival horror game created by Team Silent for Konami. Ewo also directed the end titles for the first Silent Hill movie. Chez Eddy created the VFX for this creepy and slightly odd video.

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There’s an interview on Motionographer with Jon Saunders, Creative Director at Psyop, who worked on the beautifully haunting Dishonored prequels. Designed to look like ink illustrations in motion, the animations tell the folklore from the dark and murky past of Dunwall. A staggering 3000 hand painted frames were created in just 3 months. They also show plenty of concept art, animation tests and discuss the process pipeline.

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