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As The Last Of Us continues to dominate the game charts, with a slew of near perfect reviews, we can now look back on the incredible work of Naughty Dog’s talented artists with the release of The Art Of The Last Of Us.

Read on to see The Art Of The Last Of Us and concept art created by artists including John Sweeney, Eytan Zana, Shaddy Safadi, Maciej Kuciara,
Nick Gindraux, Aaron Limonick and Hyoung Taek Nam.

You can purchase The Art Of The Last Of Us as a Hardcover and for your Kindle. Need some of this artwork on your wall? Check out the 40inch x 24inch Silk Print Poster.

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Everyday is Play is a book to celebrate the game—uniting artists and gamers across the globe. The book looks to bring together talent from across all creative fields who have drawn inspiration from video games. They are now open to submissions, so if you have any game related work that you would like featured in the book then visit Game Paused to appear alongside the impressive list of contributors below.

We are looking for creatives from all fields to take part in a celebration of the video game, works to be featured in a printed publication for release towards the end of 2013. It will showcase the works of designers, musicians, artists, writers and developers that have taken inspiration from the art that we grew up with. Through a series of features and interviews, covering everything from fan art to game modifications, we aim to provide not only a beautiful book but a wealth of true creative play.

Featuring: Build, Universal Everything, Shaun Inman, JME, Eboy, The Designers Republic, Human Studio, Andreas Pihlström, Matthew Kenyon, Robert Cooper, Daniel Gray, Everyday Something, Darren Wall, Buro Destruct, Timothy Saccenti, Jeff Donaldson, Mike Sullivan, UNIT, Gary J Lucken, Sam Gilbey, Curious Machine, Keith Webb, Sanithna Phansavanh, Serial Cut, Mike Lemanski, Benjamin Gaulon, Ian Stevenson, Brody Condon, 123 Klan, Fur, Alison Malone, Roger Ibars + many more.

Read on to see some preview images from the book.


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BioShock Infinite has created a game world environment that is as unique as it is breathtaking. Now we have a wealth of artwork to admire from the talents at Irrational Games. Firstly Ben Lo has released his environment concept art that helped to create the beautiful Columbia. Dark Horse have published the 184-page hardcover concept artbook entitled The Art Of BioShock Infinite, reviewed in-depth on Parka Blogs. Finally, there is a feature in the latest issue of 3D Artist on the design and development of the city in the sky, with some interesting insight into the sources that inspired the 1912 era artwork.

I think Columbia is so layered and dense, I’d need to spend time reverse-engineering a core example to state what its aesthetic is in a sentence. The quick answer is that Columbia is a massive stew of references. Some of the key research came from sources like Hello, Dolly!, Gangs of New York, Main Street (USA), Moulin Rouge, the 1900 Paris World Expo, the documentary America 1900, Boardwalk Empire, as well as a handful of websites like www.shorpy.com

Read on for the concept art and book review video.

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Parka Blogs have a new review online for Street Fighter X Tekken: Artworks. It’s certainly an unusual book containing some strange character illustrations. Most of them, seemingly, with 3D water effects added for no clear reason. There are sections on trailers & endings, character designs, character profiles and interviews, one of which is with Polygon Pictures who talk about the game’s visual design. All in all, one for fans only I suspect.

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