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Autodesk have published some Splinter Cell: Blacklist development videos in their Digital Entertainment & Visualisation Community website, Area. They explain how using tools like 3DS Max, MotionBuilder and Scaleform, Ubisoft Toronto has taken the latest generation of Splinter Cell to the next level.​

In the first video the designers discuss the importance of building game UI seamlessly into the game world in the most natural way possible to improve gameplay experience. In the second they discuss the process and tools they used to create the most realistic Sam Fisher to date. Combined with full motion and facial capture, Ubisoft used a pipeline including 3ds Max and MotionBuilder to ensure that the game’s characters move fluidly no matter how acrobatic the player wants to be.​

Read on to see screenshots of the game in development and see the video series on Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist.
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Atomhawk Design have created artwork for games such as Devil May Cry, Dead Island, Driver: San Francisco and Mortal Kombat. They have now announced plans to create their own game and released some stunning artwork to herald their foray into game development, along with a sumptuous logo for the fantasy game The Realm. Furthermore they have launched through a Kickstarter campaign, allowing you to buy into the project.


You can see some of their concept art below, featuring character and environments, as well as watch the campaign video which contains animations, potential gameplay footage, some behind the scenes shots and interviews with the talented folks at Atomhawk.


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Will Christiansen is an animator on the gameplay team at 343 Industries who was primarily in charge of the Elite character and the assassination and first-person animation systems for Halo 4. He has just updated his YouTube channel with some new Halo 4 assassination animations, featuring both keyframed and motion capture work. It’s great to see them in detail outside of the game environment.


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